Our Review of Sophos Synchronised Security Products and Services

For starters, there’s little to no communication between the various elements of their security systems. As a result, security suffers.

Why we use Sophos synchronised security at PM&A

First, Sophos offers a revolution as the best antivirus for security, with a system that offers the “big five” of online security in a single offering:

  • ecosystem centricity – a single, integrated system that operates across an entire IT ecosystem
  • comprehensive capability – operability across multiple platforms
  • efficiency – improved protection coupled with decreased workloads
  • effectiveness – threat resolution across the entire interface of threats
  • simplicity – in all respects: purchase, understanding, deployment and use.

Furthermore, Sophos has been producing anti-virus and encryption products for nearly 30 years. As a result, it has a long-standing reputation in the field of spyware and data protection.

In our technologically driven world, where the secure flow of information over the internet is a key to business success, Sophos offers a properly integrated, responsive approach to protecting business data and systems.

Global leader with a unique offering

Moreover, Sophos is a global leader in endpoint and network security. This is especially clear in its revolutionary offering, the Sophos XG series.

Sophos XG offers customers Sophos Security Heartbeat capability, which introduces innovative and cutting edge technology to ensure the integrity of online data transfer by linking next generation firewalls and UTM with endpoint security. This sharing of threat intelligence in an integrated system results in faster threat identification and automatic isolation.

Combined with immediate and targeted response and resolution, Sophos Synchronised Security minimises the ever-present threat to online data flow.

The detailed analysis identifies the root causes of attacks. It also instigates swift remedial actions. This is to ensure malware and ransomware are dealt with properly. Furthermore, this unique, pro-active system is designed to identify and neutralise increasingly stealthy and sophisticated cyber-attacks in real time, and before they have a chance of causing any damage.

The result is a decrease in time and resources. This is needed to identify and fix damage caused by malware. Continuous and real-time information sharing about suspicious behaviour and malicious activity between endpoints and the network firewalls allows the Security Heartbeat to respond swiftly.

This quick response enables it to isolate and restrict access to the affected device while simultaneously allowing the endpoint protection to remediate the attack.

Sophos XG features

Still not convinced it’s the best antivirus software for you? The Sophos XG firewall has several unique features which makes it the best antivirus software:

  • unified policies and streamlined workflows make it easy to manage.
  • by synchronising endpoints securely, it provides advanced protection.
  • superior hardware appliances in conjunction with software ensure reliable and quick performance.
  • the control centre and on-box reporting ensure excellent visibility.
  • a comprehensive package that includes wireless, IPS, VPN, web, app control, email and WAF technologies, for complete protection against malware attacks.

Along with the ability to identify and intercept malware before it causes any damage, Sophos provides a powerful virus cleaner. Like most traditional software, this removes malicious malware files. In addition, it eradicates malicious code and registry keys, fully restoring machines to their pre-attack status.

More information about Sophos synchronised security is available in the recently published Sophos white paper.

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