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Securing your data

It’s never a pleasant exercise preparing for possible disaster, especially when your small business is thriving and you’re feeling on top of the world, but having data protection in place, much like household insurance, is a vital component of the security of your business. Cisco’s <SMB Cybersecurity Report> IT reveals that more than half of the small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) surveyed (1 816 across 26 countries) experienced a data breach in 2017. One in five said it cost them between $1 and $2.5 million. [Source]

Small-to-medium businesses are as vulnerable to cyberattack and data breaches as large companies. The difference is that larger companies can take the fall, as financial losses may be a drop in the ocean compared with overall revenue. Research in the last decade suggests 60% of SMBs experiencing data breaches – and subsequent financial losses ­– are likely to go out of business within six months. Which is why playing it safe is the best thing to do.

How we can help you keep your data safe

After assessing your needs, PM&A can create, implement and maintain customised security solutions, providing advanced protection for business networks and data. All in keeping with the latest IT standards and technologies. PM&A’s Microsoft-certified ICT consultants will:

  • offer a free initial assessment of your business’s security needs and existing security measures
  • identify and report areas for improvement
  • pinpoint any deficiencies or issues that warrant immediate attention
  • project the level and scope of on-going monitoring and maintenance that may be required.

Proactive support and backup services

PM&A offers reliable security monitoring, updating of security software, server maintenance and a comprehensive backup service to keep your network running smoothly and to protect your valuable business data.

PM&A’s backup services include conducting a full, initial backup of your company’s critical data, establishing the optimal backup schedule for your business, performing automated backups and updating data at regular intervals (in keeping with that schedule), and maintaining off-site backups of your company’s data for added security.

There’s no need to expose your data to risk.

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