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Cyber Security

Why security solutions are important

Cyber Intelligence House’s global ‘Cyber Exposure Index’ has ranked South Africa sixth on its list of most-targeted countries for cyberattack. And research in the last decade suggests 60% of SMEs experiencing data breaches – and subsequent financial losses ­– are likely to go out of business within six months.

The reasons SMEs are vulnerable to cyberattack range from possibly not having access to the same skills and technologies as larger enterprises, to a lack of resilience and response capabilities to restore systems after a cyberattack. Interestingly, SMEs are regarded as softer targets by hackers – a means of gaining access to the data of larger enterprises.

Today’s threat landscape is complex and sophisticated and business owners need to be on their guard. No SME is too small or should consider itself too insignificant to be targeted.

Security solutions for SMEs

Preventive security technologies like firewalls, intrusion prevention systems and antimalware controls are vital. They provide protection against known threats for which countermeasures have been developed. But given the volume of threats companies face and the ever-growing number and variety of attack vectors (paths hackers use to gain access to a computer or network such as mobile devices), SME owners also need to put new measures in place for unknown threats.

At PM&A, we offer small-to-medium businesses in Cape Town a full range of security software, as well as advice on which security solutions will best suit their needs and budget.

We support next-generation security solutions like Sophos Synchronized Security, which shares real-time security information and then automatically responds to threats.

Our focus is always on the ideal combination of affordability with optimal security, and with the latest software solutions and expert technical support from PM&A, you can afford the best security that modern technology has to offer for your business data and infrastructure.

Contact us for security software solutions or professional advice on your business data and network security needs in Cape Town.

Sophos Managed Service providers (MSP)

Sophos – A flexible, complete security solution

We know you’d rather be spending more time growing your business, and less on worrying whether your data and devices are protected. At PM&A, we can provide you with proven and comprehensive protection that is managed from a single management platform. In a nutshell, this includes server and endpoint protection, as well as email, web and wireless.

Sophos Synchronized Security shares real-time security information and then automatically responds to threats. So, if Sophos detects a problem, the information is shared with the wider security system. XG Firewall automatically isolates the device affected while Intercept X cleans up the infection. Response time is reduced by 99.9%.

Contact us and find out more about the unparalleled protection Sophos offers.

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