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Seamless Office 365 migration

Cloud Services

We’re living in an age of participation. Accessibility, connectivity, communication, collaboration, sharing and transparency are more than just buzzwords, they’re the real elements that SMBs want to incorporate into their daily operations. Cloud services take the lead on this, offering virtual ‘time-sharing’ with manifold benefits. No huge outlay costs, near-constant uptime, flexible capacity, automated updates, security, and less overprovisioning means reducing your company’s carbon footprint. More than 60% of companies use cloud computing as part of their IT solutions, and Microsoft Office 365 is among the most popular.

Why Office 365?

Office 365 incorporates a large and powerful suite of products and services that are managed centrally by Microsoft, meaning instant access to all the latest tools and features together with best-of-breed security. It’s also tuned in to the modern mobile-first way of working. In addition, there are several Office 365 plans to suit your business’ needs. User-friendly features include:

  • Exchange online: a messaging and collaboration platform using Outlook, Outlook Web Access or Outlook Mobile
  • Sharepoint Online: facilitating the sharing of documents and status updates to keep team members in sync
  • Lync Online: creating online conversations via chat, or video or web conferencing
  • Synchronised calendar access

Office 365 works across Mac and PC, smartphones and tablets and offers the familiar MS Office look and feel, so there are no surprises with foreign visuals. Importantly, it uses BitLocker and SSL TLS encryption to ensure your data is protected.

PM&A’s consultants are experienced in migrations, which if not properly handled can result in loss of data, time and cause disruptions to workflow.

Let us expertly guide you to make this move.

8 steps to seamless Office 365 migration

As part of the migration to Office 365, PM&A will;

  • analyse your needs and environment
  • plan a customised Office 365 solution for your business
  • implement a migration plan that doesn’t impact productivity and with minimal disruption
  • install Office 365 at all workstations
  • secure migration of data and documents
  • merge existing directories with the Office 365 environment
  • provide a user license and implement access control
  • offer user support, guidance and problem-solving during and after migration

Licensed Office 365 Cloud Solutions Provider

As part of PM&A’s IT solutions and services, we’re a licensed Office 365 Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). This allows us to provide our clients with industry-leading Microsoft products for use, while we maintain responsibility for the functionality of these products. Managed services in the IT field have evolved since the advent of cloud computing, and we’re on board to offer you a host of enterprise-grade products customised to your requirements.

Contact us for affordable expert assistance with your business’s Office 365 migration. We’ll be happy to assist.

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